Brad Paisley Reflects on Thanksgiving Traditions of His Past

Brad Paisley shares a Thanksgiving memory, and a little advice on how to guide traditions in the future…

“I remember when I first moved to Nashville, and the holiday of going home, and taking a week there where you get a school break. I was at Belmont and I would drive up to West Virginia to see the family and I hadn’t seen them usually since August. That’s really what Thanksgiving is about, I guess it’s that holiday, when I think it’s more common for people to go back to where they’re from on that holiday than it is even on Christmas. I heard some stat that it’s almost you know 3 to 2 in terms of how many people go back where they’re from then. And so that for me always kept me grounded, and it’s been very interesting to start these traditions here and learn not to leave. I remember the first year I didn’t leave you know, and if you have the kids first in the family your set, because that’s where the tradition starts, you know.”


photo by TCD